Thursday, September 8, 2011

YES The Painting is Finished!

Sorry I've been out of pocket for a while but MDD's wedding is quickly approaching and I've been wearing my "Wedding Consultant" hat for the last couple of weeks.  Between the details of the wedding and trying to loose some of the baby fat I gained (you know, from when I gave birth to MDD almost 30 years ago ), I've been busy pretty busy!

But I did want to show you the painted and "put back together" great room!  I absolutely love the color and it was worth a couple of days on a scaffolding.  The new color adds warmth and depth to the room without making it appear too dark. It is still a bright, light filled room, but now looks finished.  A few pictures, plants for added texture, wall sconces and a few blue and white plates on the walls and we're good to go.

The color is subtle yet pulls the individual furniture and decorative pieces together.  It simply unifies the room. 

I moved the painted French armoire from the Dining Room into the great room and placed the three painted demijohns on the top.  I love the way it looks on the large wall and like the way the mirrored door reflects the rest of the room and outside area. 

The next room to get a paint makeover - the entry hall!  Don't worry though, it won't require a scaffolding and I can paint it in less than a day.

By the way, in my "spare time" lately, I've been doing a few wedding DIY projects.  Here's the bride and groom chair tags I made yesterday (just in case some of our guests can't tell who the bride and groom are!)

Have a good afternoon and make a few minutes to do something that makes you smile.

Au revoir, Mitty