Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shipment Moving Day!

I guess it's for real!
We're moving to Saudi.
I've spent the last couple of months preparing for the move including a health physical and the required immunizations (6 shots and one oral immunization!)

In addition to attending to a thousand details, I've been shopping, buying dishes, small appliances, sheets, towels.............all the things you need to make a furnished house your own, personal home.
For this move we're allowed both a small air shipment and a large sea container shipment. This is quite generous especially since we're not selling our "Faux French Chateau" in Fort Worth. I love my home and love knowing that I can come home to it for a few months every year.
So...........for well over a month now, one bedroom in my home has been filled to overflowing with items for the sea container and one bedroom has been the landing place for items for the air shipment.
The movers came yesterday morning. They packed and then loaded the air shipment first. (This shipment is filled with the basic items necessary to set up the house until our sea container arrives.)
Then they packed and loaded everything left into the 20 foot sea container. This container came out of Houston and I couldn't believe what I saw when it arrived! Check out the Saudi Arabia National Emblem on the side of the container. Seeing this made the move more "real" than it had been until that moment.

In case you are are wondering, the Saudi National Emblem shows a Phoenix Palm (also known as a date palm) and two crossed swords. The crossed swords represent the two kingdoms, Hijaz and Nejd, which were united by King Abdul-Aziz to form the Kingdom of Hijaz and Nejd in 1925.
About 6 1/2 hours after packing began, the doors were closed to the sea container, the lock was secured on the doors and it was off on its return trip to the dock in Houston. Hopefully before long it will be loaded onto a cargo ship and "set sail" to Saudi.

In a couple of months, it'll be exiting when the container arrives and I can unpack the boxes and finish making our new house our home.
Au revoir, Mitty