Monday, February 18, 2013

Saudi Move Update!

So I'm packed and ready to head to Saudi.
I was supposed to fly out a week ago today with MH but my Saudi Visa was not ready. I'm just waiting for my passport stamped with the Saudi Visa to arrive and then I'll make flight arrangements......again. I was mentally and physically ready to leave, scurrying around attending to a thousand details kept me energized and ready to go.
Waiting has allowed me to stop and think. I'm filled with a flood of emotions, varying from hour to hour, moment to moment. They come and they go. I'm excited for this new adventure and what will undoubtedly be a multitude of new experiences, but I'm sad to leave my friends and family, my home, and, especially, my little girl and new son-in-law (o.k., so what if she is 31, she's still my little girl!)
I just know that I can always come home. I can hop on a plane and be here within 24 hours if I need to or want to. Knowing that I have My Faux French Chateau waiting for me to come back and breath life into her again makes me smile and gives me a sense of being grounded. How is it that this house can be such a part of me that I almost think of it as a living, breathing entity that will always welcome me home again?

Oh well, I'll let you know when I hear any news and make my travel arrangements. It's funny to think that perhaps this time next week I'll be making a new home in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Who would have thought?!

Au revoir, Mitty