Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vintage Sterling Silver Flatware Magnets!

I've collected bits and pieces of vintage sterling silver flatware for years. I'd find unmatched yet lovely patterned pieces at yard sales and flea markets. I've kept a drawer full of mismatched sterling in my kitchen for years, always thinking that someday I'd find something to do with them.

Well........I was looking at the Ballard Design catalogue last week and guess what I saw - Magnets made from antique silver flatware!

So MDD and I jetted to Michael's this Sunday and purchased a pack of small, round magnets. I glued two magnets to the back of each piece of silver and look...........................


A sterling silver fork magnet!

Wanting to have all the utensils that I need for a meal, I then made one with.....

a Knife,

and a Spoon!

In case you are wondering, the pictures in these photos are of some of my brothers and sisters and assorted unknown baby pigs!  I'm the little girl in the "knife" photo behind the dog. Even back then I was probably looking for some kind of treasure. Also, have you ever seen such clean and well dressed kids in a pig pen?! To this day, I find myself having more and more appreciation of my Mom.

Set of 3Vintage Silverware Magnets. Courtesy of

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY project.

Au revoir, Mitty

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