Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Bonne Année!" Happy New Year from My Faux French Chateau

 Bonne Année!

I'm sitting here reflecting on the past year and, of course, thinking about the new year about to come. So much has changed for me this year - a new home in a new city and a new career focus. But I'm no stranger to change and I've embraced it as a friend throughout my life.

I think one of the best parts of my new life here in Texas (other than being close to MDD again!) is this little "blog" that I write. I don't care much for the word "blog" though - it seems too cold of a word for this experience. I think of my writing as a sharing of my life, an expression of ideas, a venue for expressing my passion for all things French, and, to some degree, a revealing of my hopes and dreams. When I hear back from you, when you share a thought or leave a comment, I'm so excited to know that you've been impacted by what I've shared and appreciate what I've written.

In the spirit of the New Year as a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future, I'm thinking about what I'm hoping to change in this new year. I think what I want is pretty basic - I simply want to be in the moment more. I want to fully embrace what I am doing as I do it instead of thinking about the next thing on my agenda. If I am writing, I want to enjoy writing. If I am working on the store, I want to enjoy adding to or modifying something in the store. If I am taking photos, I want to enjoy taking photos.  I want to appreciate the opportunities I have in front of me - to experience them fully.

As for the store, YES, it will open this first week of January! I'm thoroughly enjoying unpacking the boxes and unwrapping the individual packages. Each item that I unwrap brings back a memory of a Brocante Market somewhere in France and the thrill of that day's treasure hunt! My hope is that I've purchased little French treasures that will delight other Francophiles and add a little bit of France to their own faux French Chateau. Of course I want the store to be successful, but for me, if I can enjoy more treasure hunts in France, it will be successful enough!

So to you, I thank you for spending a few minutes with me from time to time and reading my posts. I wish for you a Happy New Year filled with all that brings you peace and contentment. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2012!

Bonne Année!, Mitty 

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