Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shop "My Faux French Chateau!"

I am excited to tell you that, YES,! the My Faux French Chateau store is OPEN! You can find the link to it on my blog site on the top right hand side in a beautiful gilded French Frame!

I am featuring the products and the furniture that I love to use in my home. This is just the beginning and I will be updating the inventory frequently and expanding my offerings over the next few months.

As you look through the store, it will soon be obvious to you the look that I love to live with. I welcome the beauty that the passage of time brings to things - the patina of a wood piece worn by years of use and touch, silver that is slightly tarnished, monogrammed linens that bespeak another life in France, and the everyday "utilitarian" pieces that make the Provencal life easier. It is an aesthetic that embraces the beauty of the imperfect. I hope that you love it as well! 

As you can also tell, we are working on the overall look of the My Faux French Chateau blog site! My friend Rachel is busy helping me make this site a place I hope you will be happy to visit.

Au revoir, Mitty

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