Friday, October 7, 2011

Favorite French Things Friday - Ivy Covered Homes!

When I think about homes and the ones that I gravitate to, one thing is constant, I love homes that are adorned with ivy. I love the softness that the free flowing vine and the color of the ivy leaves adds to the hardscape materials of stone, brick or stucco.  When I travel, my eye is always drawn to any home or building that is adorned with ivy. To me ivy growing on a home is like the jewelry that "makes an outfit."  The dress may be lovely, but the right jewelry completes the look.

In Eze, France a few years ago, I took what seems like hundreds of pictures of homes and other buildings.  In looking at the pictures this morning, I realized that all of the homes I chose to capture in photos are ivy covered!

Whenever I move to a new home, the ivy that I always plant is known in the U.S. as "Boston Ivy."  It is fast-growing, has lovely, glossy dark green leaves which change to a dark orange and red color in the Fall.  In the winter, the leaves are gone but the ivy vine and small berries still add texture to home exteriors. 

MH and I used to disagree about the prudence of planting Boston Ivy to grow on the exterior of our home. Over time, he's "given in" to this love of mine even though some people feel that the ivy can damage a home.  I keep the ivy on our home "trained" though and shape it to only cover the areas that I choose.  I don't let it run wild over my home even though I love that look!

When I look at my pictures of the ancient ivy-covered homes in Eze, I wonder, how then have these homes survived the ivy without damage for hundreds of years? 

Newly planted Boston Ivy on the front of My Faux French Chateau.

My Faux French Chateau with newly planted Boston Ivy on the left and right corners of the front.

I'm pruning and training the ivy to grow along the right front edge of MFFC and around the curve of the decorative stone arch over the windows.

Here are some of my inspiration home pictures from Eze, France!

Ivy covered French stucco and stone home with French Bleu shutters!

Stone home covered in ivy and climbing roses.

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Au revoir, Mitty


  1. Mitty,
    You home is so gorgeous! Absolutely love it. I too love ivy but my husband is always warning of how it creeps into everything and can ruin the stone or the siding of the house (blah blah blah I say in my head!). It's so gorgeous though and creates such a historically regal appeal.

  2. Hi - would you happen to know where I can find the floor plans for your home? I know that's a crazy question but I do love the look of your home and its the only one my husband and I have agreed on...just wondering if you happened to maybe know where your ordered them or if they were custom designed. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I fell in love with this house when I first saw it. It was three years old at the time and was built by Blue Hillman of Fort Worth. Check out my post tomorrow. I'll find his company name and contact information and post it for you. Take care and thanks for visiting my blog from time to time.

    2. Your home is absolutely stunning!
      You are very lucky to be able to enjoy it!