Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A long lasting love affair with blue and white.............

I fell in love with blue and white years ago.  I was interning for a design team in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They exposed me to so much beauty and educated me on French fabric, design and antiques. Working for them changed the way I see beauty and it was while working here that I fell in love with blue and white.  Although they designed with French case goods and fabrics, they used English blue and white transferware as accent pieces in many of their designs. 

A couple of years later, my little family would follow my husband's career to Borneo, Indonesia.  It was here, on this third world remote island, that I began my passion for collecting blue and white.  This move began my weekly visits to the local "toko antiques" (antique stores) looking for Dutch, English and Oriental blue and white.

Throughout its history, Indonesia has been colonized by both the Dutch and the British. When families came to the islands they always brought a part of "home" with them, often bringing their china and tea services.  The items that they left, when they returned to their native country or moved on to another assignment, often ended up for sale in the antique stores. 

The start of a collection!  This is the first blue and white platter I purchased in Balikpapan, Indonesia.

 This is the same platter used in a grouping.  The small plate left of the books was also purchased in Indonesia. Blue Delft jar and Blue Willow bowl purchased in the U.S.

Large Dragon Temple Jar purchased in Indonesia.  The Delft jar was a gift given to me at Christmas.

Large oriental vase from an antique store in Singapore (dried hydrangeas stolen from various unsuspecting gardens.)  Large and small Blue Willow platters and bowl purchased in U.S.

Oriental blue and white snuff bottle from Singapore.  Oriental bowl found in Toko Antique in Balikpapan and still holding last year's Christmas potpourri!

English Transferware blue and white platters and plates purchased from EBAY!!!!!  They are ready and waiting to be hung on my kitchen walls.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these.  Blue and white makes me smile - it's that simple of a love.

Au revoir, Mitty

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