Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beautiful French Vendange, Vigneron or Wine-Tasting Table!

Sometimes I purchase something at auction that I wish I didn't have to part with! Such is the case with this beautiful French Wine Tasting Table!
Also called a "Vendange" (French term for grape harvest) or "Vigneron" Table (French term for wine grower),
a wine tasting table is usually a round or oval flip top table that is popular today for use in a wine cellar or anywhere with limited space. When the top is horizontal, the table is a sturdy surface for dining or games. When the top is flipped up vertically, the table can be stored along a wall, occupying very little space.

These tables were historically custom made by local French craftsmen and were set up outside in the vineyards of 19th Century France for lunching in the fields or vineyards during wine harvest. They were also used for tasting the new wines.
I "staged" my new auction find in my Family Room so that you can see how versatile and beautiful it is!  I'll add this wine tasting table to My Faux French Chateau store soon!
This wine tasting table is the perfect size for a breakfast table, side table, or as I've staged it, a corner table.
This table has a beautiful, decorative swiveling lyre-shaped support.
When not being used, the support can be swiveled to the side, the top tilted over and the table flattened. It can be placed against a wall until your next wine tasting!
(Courtesy: 1st Dibs)
Take a look at these beautiful rooms in which designers have used wine tasting tables in their design.
Dallas designer, Lisa Luby Ryan uses a French wine tasting table as a coffee table in this beautiful living room. Love, love, love the French upholstered wooden daybed!
(Source: Veranda Magazine)

In this breakfast area, a French wine tasting table, a size similar to mine, is perfect as a table for four.
I love this look. The wicker chairs are perfect with the French wine tasting table!
(Source: Belgian Pearls)
I'll let you know as soon as I complete my research on my wine tasting table and get it added to the store!
Take care,
Au revoir, Mitty

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