Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camera-less My Faux French Chateau! - French Flowers and Limoges China

Bonjour Mes Amis,

I hope this Tuesday afternoon finds you well. I missed posting this morning as I found myself running around trying to find a camera repair shop. As I mentioned yesterday, my NEW Nikon is broken. I wasn't worried though as I thought I could use my old camera while the new one is being repaired.  NOT TO BE.  Somehow while traveling to and from France we (MH and I) must have broken the old camera.  The lens appears to be shattered. We took it with us to France as a back-up just in case I had trouble with the new one. Can you believe it!

So for now, I am camera-less.  I'll come up with a plan though - I enjoy what I am doing so much and need to have digital photos for the store.

Peony, French Blue Hydrangea, Sunflowers

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the beautiful flowers that my dear friends and MDD's Maid of Honor arranged for the Bridal Shower.  The flowers were beautifully arranged in various vintage teapots.  The bouquets were made of MDD's favorite flowers - FRENCH blue hydrangeas, peonies and sunflowers.  MDD's place setting at the table was arranged with FRENCH Limoges China given to her Maid of Honor by her Grandmother.  It was beautiful.  Thank God for friends and family who love you enough to go out of their way to make special occasions even more special.

I've never seen a Peony like this - pink with orange - so beautiful!

French Blue Hydrangea

Beautiful flowers in Franciscan Desert Rose Teapot

Haviland French Limoges Chantilly Place Setting - Maid of Honor's gift from her Grandmother

Last but not least, my friends were teasing me at the Bridal Shower on Saturday and wondered how I could make the Bridal Shower "French Enough" to be mentioned on My Faux French Chateau blog.
I think I figured it out!

Au revoir, Mitty

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