Tuesday, May 17, 2011

French Inspired Design - Slipcovers - Bad Reputation - Great Look!

I recall thinking of slipcovers and having an image of poorly made and even worse fitting sheet-like, ghost-like creatures come into my mind. But the slipcovers of today are typically anything but! They are often beautifully detailed and can add a touch of softness and whimsy to a room.

I'm currently working on slip covering for several antique French chairs for the "store" and have also been on the lookout for a slipcover style for my own dining room chairs.  I found these beautiful pictures that I'm using for my inspiration! Now I just wish I knew how to sew!

I love the taupe or flax colored linen look of this slipcover and adore the Monogram! I also think the formal box pleat, double welt cording and formal monogram are softened by the casualness of the three ribbon-like ties on the sides of the chair.
(Southern Living Magazine)

The slipcover details on this chair are unbelievable.  The miniature box pleating framing the chair back,  the large monogram personalizing the chair seat, the box pleating on the skirt and the lacing of the ribbon ties on the chair legs are perfectly beautiful.  If this chair were a person, it would surely be a ballerina!
(Country Living Magazine)

The larger box pleats are perfect with the size and scale of this chair. I also like the visual interest added by the tone on tone fabric choice.
(Country Living Magazine)

Any of these styles would be beautiful on my dining room chairs. I'll just add one more thing to my "To Do" list.

In looking at these three pictures, I noticed another common design element "thread" that captures my eye.  Did you notice that all three chairs are resting on a sisal, sea grass or coir rug? Lately I seem to always gravitate to this look. Again, I love the formal with the casual.  It's sort of like a woman knowing she is feminine and beautiful but dressing in jeans and a T-shirt and not taking herself too seriously.

Au revoir, Mitty

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