Wednesday, May 18, 2011

French Inspired Wedding Custom #2 - The Tossing of the Garter Belt "The Jarretière"

It is believed that the tradition of tossing the garter belt "The Jarretière" dates back to fourteenth-century France. Medieval French wedding revelers considered pieces of the bride's dress lucky and would bring good fortune. Guests would literally rip off pieces of the bride's wedding gown leaving the dress ripped and in tatters. To stop this custom (I'm mortified myself, having just purchased MDD's wedding dress!) resourceful brides started throwing items to their guests. One of these items was the garter belt.

Today, the Groom removes the garter and tosses it to the unmarried men in attendance at the wedding. The man that catches the garter will have good luck and be the next to marry.

Checking the internet to see illustrations of various wedding garter belts, I was surprised by the number of different themed ones that can be purchased.  I've collected a few photos to show you the variety available! Hmmmm, I think MDD might like the camo one! (Just joking!)

Photo from the Etsy Store of Rosebud Lips

Presumably the "Lucky" winner of the Garter Belt Toss

Wedding Garter Belt for the Football Enthusiast!

Last but not least, I couldn't resist the Camouflage Wedding Garter Belt!

Au revoir! Mitty

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