Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Added to My Faux French Chateau Store - Vintage French "Beaune" Metal Grape Hod

I just added this wonderful grape hod to the My Faux French Chateau Store!

Grape hods were used in French vineyards during the grape harvest. Leather back straps would be used to attach the hod to the grape picker’s back as he/she worked the rows of grape vines. I'm looking at this unusually large grape hod and wondering how strong a person would have to be to carry this on their back! I had trouble just moving it for photos!
The shape of this circa 1920's grape hod is called “Beaune” after the capital of Burgundy’s wine region. This is perhaps the largest French grape hod that I’ve come across and is unusually wide and deep! It would look beautiful on a large wall or over a fireplace or stove hood!

Au revoir, Mitty


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