Friday, January 13, 2012

Metal French Grape Hod! - My Auction Tresor!

This past Saturday, MH, MDD and I attended an auction held about 1 1/2 hours drive from Fort Worth! It was a great auction, filled with wonderful French treasures. The auction house was filled to overflowing with bidders though and, as is often the case when an auction is heavily attended, the bidding prices went HIGH!

That is the "thing" with auctions, you never know how the bidding will go. So many factors influence the "sold" price at auctions - the number of attendees, the number of retail -vs- personal buyers, and the number of people who simply like the same things that you like.

If you go to an auction, bid on an item, and people look at you like "why in the world would you want THAT!" you know it is going to be a good day! Oh to be the only one bidding on something at an auction! What a great feeling that would be, but with all of the Francophiles out there embracing the "French look," Saturday's auction ended with me purchasing only one French Tresor - a wonderful metal French Grape Hod!

I've posted a couple of vintage pictures in the past showing the grape harvest in France and grape pickers carrying a grape hod. The pickers would strap the hod onto their back and the grape clusters would be thrown into the hod as they were picked or smaller grape baskets/buckets would be emptied into the larger hods when full. Hods were made of either woven wicker or metal.

Today, lovers of the "French look" collect hods for their great textural appeal and generous size.  I love them used as a wall hanging to hold flowers, plants or even my personal favorite, to hold antique French farm tools.

This wonderful metal grape hod is very similar to the one I purchased at auction. I love how simply it is displayed holding masses of lavender. (Photo from the wonderful French blog "Trouvais")

The two hods below have been beautifully painted, each with the logo and coat of arms of a French vineyard. These can be found at jcovingtondesigns.blogspot!

There's so many beautiful elements to this Tulsa kitchen of architect, Jack Arnold and designer, Susan Arnold but notice the wonderful wicker hod with greenery!

I haven't decided if I'm going to have my hod painted, hang it as it is, or maybe even decoupage it. Whatever I do with it though, It will make a wonderful addition to someones home!

Au revoir, Mitty 

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