Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite French Things Friday - French Doors ("Portes")

French Doors. Beautiful, massive, stately, ornate French Doors.

I daydream of someday having a little apartment in a tiny village in France, perhaps in Provence. I don't care if it is one large room as long as it has stucco or stone walls, large windows with decorative wrought iron, stone or wood floors, and a beautiful view out my front window where I can sit and observe the world outside. Oh, and heat and running water would be good!

In my daydreams, the outside of the building playing host to my little apartment is limestone or river stone and has a door that looks like this............

so I could tell you, my friend, to look for me behind the beautiful stained wood door with the elaborately carved stone frieze with a beautiful lady looking down towards you.

Or I might tell you to look for the door with the TWO beautiful ladies looking to greet you.

I might tell you to look for me behind the blue door next to the Olive Oil Store.

Look for me behind the wood carved door with the beautiful wrought iron.

Or perhaps I'll tell you that I'll wait for you under the wisteria and behind the blue metal door.

Or I might simply say, "You'll find me behind door number one................

Push the door bell and I'll let you up! I can't believe you are finally here!

Au revoir, Mitty

(All photos take by "moi" in April/May 2011)

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