Monday, February 27, 2012

What do you see in this French Facade?

I took this picture last spring after a beautiful day of French tresor (treasure) hunting. Initially I wanted to capture the beautiful stone building, the large French windows and door and the fabulous shade of blue paint on the door, all of which was given an extra "punch" by the green of the simple, yet fabulous Italian Cypress.

I took the picture and then what do you think I noticed? Do you see it?

I think I jumped when I saw "the boy" in the window!  At first I had to do a double take to see if it was a real boy or not. It wasn't of course, but what a great statue it was! I can see the tension in the boy's back, the spine protruding from the skin and the muscles defined as he looks downward.

What a great building facade! Do you like the boy in the window or do you find the statue slightly unsettling?

Au revoir, Mitty


  1. It verges on frightening! I, too, jumped when I saw it in the first photo!


  2. I thought it was a elderly person, because of the posturing. great picture.