Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adding a Vintage French Bistro Table to Your Decor!

Monday I shared with you pictures of a wonderful vintage French bistro table I purchased at auction and am adding to MFFC Store! 

I started looking at magazines and French design books looking for designs that incorporate bistro tables.  I found quite a few and thought I'd share with you the creative ways designers are using vintage French bistro tables in their designs.


Notice the vintage French Bistro table placed between the two oversized chairs in this room designed by Interior Designer, Jane Moore. I love, love, love this room.  This picture captured me as soon as I saw the blue hydrangeas and the bistro table "sold me."
(Photo courtesy of Veranda Magazine)

Notice how Susan Arnold used this little French bistro table in the Great Room of her Tulsa, Oklahoma home.  What can I say about this home other than French Inspired PERFECTION!

Susan Arnold also incorporated two French bistro tables into her beautiful library's decor.
(Photos of Susan Arnold's home are courtesy of Veranda Magazine)

This photo shows a wonderful vintage French bistro table in a bedroom in the French home of antiques dealer Appley Hoare.
(Photo courtesy of "Essentially French" by Josephine Ryan)

Vintage French bleu bistro table in the guest bedroom of London antiques dealers Victoria Davar and Shane Meredith.
(Photo courtesy of "Essentially French" by Josephine Ryan)

I love rooms in which pieces that are typically used outside find a new home inside. I love their unexpected appeal and impact.

Au revoir, Mitty


  1. Mitty, I just love popping onto your site and seeing what you are doing. You are so passionate about this, and I love to see it. I do miss speaking to you daily though. Love, Melody (Respironics)

  2. Mitty, these french tables are just the perfect size and look delicate enough. Thanks for sharing!