Friday, March 9, 2012

Antiquing With MDD!

I'm off to a couple days of treasure hunting with MDD!  I think I may have "created a monster!" MDD's almost as excited as I am at the prospect of a couple days of looking for that perfect find!

We're headed out to preview an auction and then, hopefully, bid on and "win" a few items at the actual auction tomorrow. You never know............

On another note, I'm reading a new book and last night I read something in it that I loved - something that speaks to my approach to almost everything I do, including my "treasure hunting," blogging and this little French antique store of mine.

In The Olive Farm, author Carol Drinkwater writes,

"So many dreams. But the stuff of dreams are the food of life."

I simply love that thought. Here's to us dreamers!

Au revoir, Mitty


  1. Dear Mitty, what a beautiful quote....I truly agree! Hope you have great luck treasure hunting for your shop! N.xo

  2. Thanks Nella. I'll let you know if I "win" anything. The preview was pretty amazing. Lot's of wonderful French things! Take care.

  3. Yes I can't wait to see if you got any treasures!