Monday, May 21, 2012

It's the Simple Things.................

MH and I spent a quiet Sunday afternoon yesterday simply enjoying being outside. It was warm and sunny with a light breeze blowing -  it was a perfect day.

I always try to appreciate the small joys in my life, the simple pleasures. So I was happy to sit outside and enjoy a wonderful drink that I made with French Badoit sparkling mineral water and Emmanuelle Baillard's "Mirabelle de Lorraine Nectar." The Mirabelle is a small, yellow plum fruit grown in the Lorraine region of France and makes wonderful tarts, preserves and nectars.

My favorite outdoor flower for container gardening has always been the simple and beautiful geranium. I plant them every year in clay pots and place them around the patio and garden. I remember living in Southeast Asia, surrounded by exotic orchids of all colors and sizes, wishing I could find a red geranium to put in a clay pot. I guess "exotic" is relative and is really whatever you desire that isn't readily accessible.

The table cloth is a French Provencal Boutis. Boutis is a French folk-art style of quilt making which combines two layers of fabric with "stuffing" between the two layers. The two layers of fabric are stitched together in a decorative design.

The bottle carrier is a vintage French wine carrier that I purchased in Southern France. I love using it for wines, sparkling water and glasses.

I hope you too had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed a little time outdoors.

Au revoir, Mitty 

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