Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day with MDD, MH and My Favorite French Impressionists!

Mother's Day yesterday was wonderful. MH, MDD and I celebrated the day by attending "The Age of Impressionism - Great French Paintings from the Clark." 

I've been looking forward to seeing this exhibit which features many of the most beloved Impressionist painters from 19th century France. This 73 painting exhibit includes 6 Monets and 21 Renoirs (my personal favorite.) The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas is the only American venue for this renowned Impressionist painting exhibit of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts. The exhibit is touring for three years and will be shown in Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and China. If you are anywhere near Fort Worth and love the French Impressionists, I'd recommend seeing this wonderful exhibit. It runs through June 17, 2012.

My favorite painting in this exhibit is Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Sleeping Girl with a Cat (1880.)

MDD and MH both chose Claude Monet's Tulip Fields at Sassenheim, near Leiden (1886) as their favorite work of art in this exhibit.

(Photo courtesy of

This painting, Edgar Degas, Dancers in the Classroom (1880) reminded me of one of my brothers. Degas is one of his favorite Impressionist artists.

(Photo Courtesy of Fine Arts America)

I enjoyed this exhibit so much that I'm hoping to go back before it leaves for its next venue. I want to find a time when the Kimbell is not incredibly busy and I can really study the paintings. The great thing about this exhibit at the Kimbell is that you can get close enough to the paintings to really see the brush strokes and varying paint techniques used by the artists. I love the excitement of quietly sitting and studying paintings - (yeah, that's me, I'm an over-the -top, edgy kind of girl!)

Thank you again Ashley and John for a wonderful Mother's Day.

Au revoir, Mitty

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