Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Passport France" at Central Market

"Passport France" banner in Wine Section of Central Market, Fort Worth, Texas

If you're a "foodie," love Central Market and are a devoted Francophile, you need to make time to check out "Passport France" at Central Market here in Fort Worth, Texas.  "Passport France" is Central Market's two week focus on French foods and culture. During this two week French food celebration, Central Market will offer freshly made French breads and pastries, an extensive selection of French wines and cheeses, and a large selection of specialty French foods, olive oils, mustards, candies and other French edibles.

I've enjoyed walking through the aisles and checking out all the wonderful French foods on display. Here's some of my favorite sights from my shopping trips:

Wonderfully creative display featuring French wines, cheeses, pastries and, of course, Lavender and Sunflowers

Wonderful and whimsical French themed cookies

I love the bright yellow Provencal print tablecloth and the French Poodle and Fleur-de-lis cookies!

Wonderful selection of French fromage (cheese!) I love the quintessentially French use of the chalkboards and handwritten signs describing the various cheeses and the prices posted in Euros.

Dried lavender bunches

Outdoor stands overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables

The fruits and vegetables just look more appetizing in an outdoor stand!


What french market would be complete without fresh Lavender and Sunflowers?!

"Passport France" runs through May 22nd. You can check out the cooking classes and other activities offered during this French celebration at

Great job Central Market! Thank you for a touch of France here in Fort Worth.

 Bon appétit!


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