Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Antique French Hand Painted de Seve Bird Engravings

Good Morning and Bonjour!

I've been crazy busy the past few days working on MDD's upcoming wedding and ..........................

listing my French finds on an online "antique mall!"

I'm hoping to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS in a couple of weeks.  Not to bore you with details, but I'm busily working on the business part of the business, i.e. setting up to accept credit card payments, a "shopping cart", etc. You know, the unexciting but necessary part of opening a business.

Also I'm still impatiently awaiting news on the shipment of my "petite container" from France.  I'm beginning to think that I was actually on a "faux" shopping trip and awaiting a "faux" shipment for my "faux" store!  Communications with the shipping company have not been the most enlightening..............

I've also been busy getting some of my French engravings framed! I just picked up from the frame shop a series of (4) absolutely beautiful 1770 French Engravings by Jacques de Seve.

Jacques de Seve was one of the most influential of natural history artists. He was commissioned during the 1740’s by the French Naturalist, Georges-Louis Le Clerc, Comte de Buffon (1707 – 1788) to be the principle illustrator of his book Natural History, or Histoire Naturelle, generale et particuliere, avec la description du cabinet du Roi. There were a total of 36 volumes completed.

I had these engravings beautifully, professionally framed in a gilded wood frame. They are not matted which allows the glass that borders the engraving to take on whatever color or print of the wall on which they are hung.  Unlike with a  fixed mat board, you are not limited to where you can use these!

  Jacques de Seve “Le Gros/Le BEC-Croise” Engraving
 The above print is shown against a linen fabric and then a painted wall to show you the versatility and beauty of a double glass mat.

1770 Jacques de Seve “LE BENGALI piquete’ /LE SENGALI”

    1770 Jacques de Seve “LE PAPE /LE BEC–ROND on BOUVREUIL BLEU”

 1770 Jacques de Seve “LE MAIA” Engraving

I hope you enjoyed these.  Have a good day today.  Au revoir, Mitty

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