Tuesday, August 9, 2011

French Demijohns with Painted Design!

Three older French Demijohns with recent painted decoration. They are all a beautiful pale blue color!  (Oops, you can see where I started reupholstering one of my dining room chairs and didn't finish taking the old fabric off!)

I'm so excited to share with you these three French demijohns that I purchased at the auction on Saturday. I'm researching the age of the bottles and believe them to be circa 1900 -1940. The beautiful painted decoration is probably relatively recent but really makes these bottles even lovelier.

All three have different painted designs that read "CRU", "Chateau de Vaugelas", and "Vacqueyras." 

My next project is to take these large demijohns outside and clean them!  They are too large to fit in my kitchen sink.  By the way, in case you wonder, to clean these I'll fill the demijohn with about one inch of vinegar and the add about a handful of rice (some people use salt).  I'll then shake the mixture and swirl it around the sides to remove dried stains.  Hopefully this will do the trick!

Take care and have a great afternoon.

Au revoir, Mitty

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  1. The vinegar and rice works well. I use a large bristle bottle brush with vinegar and that works very well as well. Williams-Sonoma has a nice soft brush "decanter cleaner" that I'll be using on my small ones soon. (I brought about 20 green ones back from Italy when we moved back to the States)