Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Painting On A Scaffolding!

Being the fun lover that I am, I spent the weekend on a scaffolding! Yes, I know, you're jealous!  I'll bet you wish you could have come over and helped just so you could have pretended you were a kid on the Monkey Bars again.

Me getting the paint and roller ready!

Well MH and I actually got the entire great room painted and, believe it or not, had fun doing so.  Maybe it's seeing a room from a perspective that you've never had before (from above, that is!) or just knowing how much nicer the room is going to look when it is finished, whatever the reason, we enjoyed this working weekend. We turned the music up and painted away.

This picture lets you see why we couldn't do this room without the scaffolding!

MH practicing his balance beam moves!

MH in the "time out" cage.

Now to the financial bit of this, I didn't share the cost of the paint estimates that I received earlier, but let's just say that we saved over $1,600 by doing this room ourselves.  Even after renting the scaffolding, having it delivered and buying all of the paint and supplies, we figure we kept $1,600 in our checkbook.  I know it's considered gauche to discuss money, but this is something that I think is worthy of sharing, especially when many are watching their finances.

I know many people are intimidated by the idea of setting up a scaffolding and climbing around on one, but with the help of another able bodied person (preferably someone strong) you can do this too! I will recommend though that you make sure you have all of the safety pins for the rigging before the delivery person leaves your house.  We put the scaffolding together only to realize we were missing a few pins and I wasn't going to climb up on the contraption without them securely in place. Call me crazy but I like to have all safety pieces in place when I'm climbing around in the sky on a cageMH went to the rental company and got the missing pieces for us......................details, details.

I'll share the finished room with you in a few days.  Now I get to have the fun of decorating it again!

Take care, Au revoir, Mitty

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  1. You have given me the confidence to try this myself! Thanks!