Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reupholstering and Painting a French Fauteuil


[foh-til; Fr. foh-tœ-yuh]
–noun, plural -teuils
French Furniture . an upholstered armchair, especially one with open sides.

I recently went to a wonderful estate sale in Dallas, Texas where I found two pieces that I intend to add to my inventory when I get my "store" up and running.  One piece is a French Fauteuil.  I love its graceful design and think it will make a beautiful side chair for a bedroom, dressing room, bath or just anywhere you might need a petite chair.

Here's the chair (above) as it looked when I bought it.  It is amazingly sturdy and has the original upholstery and nail head trim. It's pretty but I really think it will be wonderful painted and reupholstered. (Yes, I do need to practice my photography - the chair does have a decorative top!)

As I started breakng it down, I realized that it had the original tacks, burlap and horsehair batting in it.  I removed every tack without the proper tool (which I will not do again) and I think I got tennis elbow doing so!  I woke up the next morning and could barely move my arm without pain.  Why did I do this?  I was too eager to get started to wait until I could buy the correct tool. 

I kept looking at and drooling over my chair make-over motivation picture that I've kept in my "Things I Love" file.  Here is my motivation picture.  I can't recall the month or year but I do know that it is from Veranda Magazine.

So here's the chair as it now sits.  Alone, broken down and naked, waiting for me to find the time to come back and give it the love and attention it needs.  I've ordered paint and furniture wax and as soon as it arrives I'll start painting!  I can't wait.

Oh well, as they say in France "Aujourd'hui j'ai échoué mais demain est un autre jour." (Today I have failed but tomorrow is another day.)  Or as we say in Texas, "Tomorrow is another day."

Au revoir, Mitty

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