Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shopping List for Provence Buying Trip - Tresor #1 - Vintage French Metal Bottle Drying Racks

I've had several people ask me for what I'm shopping on this first buying trip to Provence.  I've loved, searched for, and purchased French antiques, brocante, and junk for years.  I've also spent the last couple of months looking at other French inspired websites to see what they offer and for what items people are looking.  A lot will also depend on shipping and what shipping costs turn out to be!  (I hate those pesky little details, details.)

There are several purchases, though, that I know I will make!   I will be hunting for:

Treasure ("Tresor" in French) #1 - Vintage French Metal Bottle Drying Racks

I love these.  They are both functional and great looking.  I've seen them used for wine bottle storage (empty of course), displaying coffee mugs, drying fresh herbs - the uses are only as limited as your imagination. 

The one we have in our house is large, has the original chipping red paint on it and is used in a most creative way!

A galvanized metal top was attached to the bottle drying rack and it is now used as a wine tasting table!

The top is larger that the reach of the bottles stored on the bottom of the rack so that you don't step on them when standing at the table.

I'm looking for all sizes of these - some to make into tables and others just the right size for displaying on counter tops and table tops.

Let me know if you like these!

For those of us who are "challenged" in the French language, here are some common French words used in the world of French wine and wine tasting:

le vin  -  wine  (pronounced "veh")

le vin blanc  -  white wine

le vin rose'  -  rose' wine

le vin rouge  -  red wine

un verre  -  glass

une bouteille  -  bottle

degustation de vin  -  wine tasting

Lastly, for those of you who are probably already familiar with wine and wine tasting, the French have an expression "Tu es bien Bourre'!"  Do you know what that means in "Texan?"

Au revoir, Mitty

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