Thursday, April 14, 2011

The TGV and The Jardin de Bacchus

I can't believe that in just about two weeks my husband (hereafter referred to as MH) and I will be boarding a plane at Dallas Fort Worth Airport for DC (Washington Dulles International Airport) and then on to Paris!  We leave on Tuesday the 26th of April, fly to DC and then on to Paris overnight.  We arrive in Paris the morning of Wednesday, April 27th and then take the TGV high speed train (French: Train à Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train)  to Avignon and then on to "our home away from home" for seven nights. 

We board the TGV at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Train Station - Gare Aeroport CDG 2TGV!  (The Paris Charles De Gaulle Train Station is connected to the main airport in Paris.)

TGV Duplex in Paris

The TGV gets us to Avignon in 2 hours and 36 minutes moving at speeds up to 200 miles per hour.  I love this train - I prefer to travel at high speeds ON THE GROUND rather than high speeds in the sardine can in the sky. Peanuts or no peanuts - I prefer the train.

Avignon TGV Station

In Avignon we pick up our rental car at the TGV station and off we go (MH at the wheel) to our home for the next week. After 3:30 we can check in to Jardin de Bacchus - Chambres d'hôtes (a Bed and Breakfast) located in Tavel France, approximately 12 miles from Avignon.  We found this B&B thanks to the travel book, Rick Steve's PROVENCE & The French Riviera 2011.  Rick Steve describes the proprietors, Christine Chapot and Erik Van Greuningen, as "enthusiastic and English-speaking"!  He had me at at "English-Speaking!"

Jardin de Bacchus has three rooms for visitors in this rural farmhouse.  The farmhouse overlooks Tavel's famous vineyards. Tavel is noted as the village of the first Rosé wines, (French: ‘pinkish’)  I fell in love with the website pictures and like the idea that Jardin de Bacchus is removed from the hustle and bustle of Avignon but still close to most of the villages that we want to visit.  I was also moved by the image in my mind when I read the B&B's website description of the setting:

"Take a minute and imagine yourself in a lounge chair facing the Mediterranean landscape, with the cicadas singing as if it were background music, while you rest on the terrace or linger around the swimming pool!


If you'd like, check out Jardin de Bacchus website(s) at:

We've also signed up for one of Christine's cooking classes in the B&B kitchen followed by dinner.  I certainly home MH pays close attention and can reproduce the meal when we get back home! (He's the best cook in our little family - I'm just the baker!)

Bon appétit! Mitty

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