Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shopping List for Provence Buying Trip - Tresor #5 (Cinq) - Antique Botanical Prints

One French tresor that I should definitely be able to bring home with me from my upcoming buying trip to Provence are Antique French Botanical Prints!  I have collected these since the early 1990's and can always find space on my walls for more.

The prints are often hand colored and were originally part of large bound books which have been taken apart so that the prints can be matted and framed.  Typically the plants and flowers were documented by France's leading botanists and horticulturists and painted by artists such as Pierre-Joseph Redoute'.

Botanical artist and royal flower painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840)

Many people first become interested in botanical art because of the paintings of roses, lilies and other flowers produced by Pierre Redoute. He is one of the most talented botanical artists ever known.

Redoute was fortunate to become an artist who was patronized by the kings of France from Louis XVI to Louis-Philippe. His two famous books were
- Les Liliacees (1802 - 15) which contained 500 plates of lilies.
- Les Roses (1817 - 21) He was known for his roses and his series of rose paintings are considered to be his finest work.
His work continues to be very popular and is widely reproduced.

This site includes links to biographies and books about his life and work. Plus online galleries of images and exhibitions which display his work.

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In my dining room I have a collection of four French botanical prints which I have had matted between two pieces of glass.  This allows the color of the wall to come through the glass and looks like a colored mat.  I found these several years ago in Nice, France. The most famous market of Nice is the market on the Cours Saleya, the Cours Saleya has a large flea market, the Marche' a la Brocante et Antiquite's.  I was in heaven at this market and ran from vendor to vendor not believing the treasures in front of me. 

French Botanical framed between two piece of glass

On this same trip to France, my husband and I spent a few days in Paris and went to the Saint Ouen Flea Market just north of the city.  This market consists of over 2,000 stalls with everything that an antique lover can wish for.  We barely made it through the first few stalls before our shopping time was up.  I could have spent weeks going through this market!

At the Saint Ouen Flea Market I found a series of six hand water colored Orchid lithographs. 

Orchid Botanical

New "Antiqued" French Mirror and Antique Orchid Botanicals

On another note, for those of you who are enjoying "My Faux French Chateau" and follow my blog, please know that I have purchased Photoshop Elements 9 and am playing with editing my photos.  If anyone knows how to eliminate "flashes" in my photos above, please feel free to leave me editing tips in my comment section below.

Au revoir, Mitty

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