Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping List for Provence Buying Trip - Tresor # Quatre (Four) - Creamware and Faience

Spring Flowers - Antique Hydrangeas, French Tulips and Hyacinth in various old French Creamware, English Ironstone and American McCoy Pitchers and Vases.

My taste in color and the use of pattern in decorating is changing.  My decorating over the last few years has focused on using less bright colors and, instead, adding more textures to a room.  I'm using more and more Flax and Natural colored Belgian Linen for upholstery and then adding color and pattern in accent items such as pillows.  As my color preferences change, or to add "seasonality" to a room,  I can change out relatively inexpensive pillows instead of whole sofas or chairs.

Similarly, I am gravitating toward less color embellishment in accent pieces as well.  Perhaps that is why I'm always on the lookout for my fourth Provence Buying Trip Tresor - French Creamware and Faience, as well as English Ironstone. Creamware literally means "Cream colored earthen pottery."  I will be on the hunt for this as well as for French Faience.  Faience is fine tin-glazed pottery on a pale bluff earthenware body.  French Faience potters used many different decorative styles, some very elaborate and some quite simple. As with most things French, Creamware and Faience were designed to be both beautiful and practical.  They were designed to be used and enjoyed. As a matter of fact, creamware was thought of as "common" and everyday.

If I stumble upon any, I'll also gladly buy any English Ironstone that I can afford. Unlike French Creamware and Faience, English Ironstone was often made with the American market in mind and is somewhat readily found in the U.S.  When you do find it though, its price is in keeping with how highly sought after it is! 

Hyacinth in English Ironstone Pitcher

Pink and Green French Tulips in Creamware

Antique Hydrangeas in American McCoy Pottery

As you can see from the arrangement on my table, I am not a "purist."  I mix all styles, all vintages together.  I don't care if it is old or new - I buy what I like.  Mixed in with the vintage pitchers and serving platters are two new Williams-Sonoma tiered cake stands.

Old and new "stoneware" in my kitchen.

Au revoir, Mitty

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  1. Mitty, I am so glad to see that you are doing something that you love! You do it so beautifully also. I miss talking to you on a daily basis. I will speak to you soon. Love, Melody

  2. I am a reader who also loves creating a French country feel in my home. I'm in the midst of re-doing a chair similar to yours so I came upon you through a search for reupholstering French chairs. Thanks for sharing. I love the finish on your chair! Tracey in Virginia