Wednesday, June 22, 2011

French Picture Frames "Cadre Photo"

One of my favorite finds on my buying trip to Provence was a collection of French Picture Frames or, as the French say "Cadre Photo"!
Many of the frames were found at the Nice Brocante Market.
I'm in the process of photographing and cataloging them.
The problem is .....................I want to keep them all.
They are beautiful.
I have the perfect place for them.

Here's a sneak peak at the collection.

I purchased 14 Frames in total. 

Many of the frames are examples of the unique French frame design with the thick beveled glass without a surrounding frame.  I love this look.  A brass or bronze right angle (lip) encases the glass at the top and bottom of the frame.  There is a stand with a spring that fits tightly onto the glass and keeps it in place.
All of the frames have beautiful French embellishment on the top of the frame.

Three of the frames I believe to be either French Ormolu or French Dore Bronze.  The question is -  how do I tell?  The financial difference is major. I can find nothing in my research that really answers the question of how to distinguish the two.  My next step will be to take them to an appraiser. 

Here are the three frames in question.  They are beautiful!

The first one is an antique French picture frame, rectangular in shape. The frame is decorated in the Louis XV manner with laurel leaves, ribbons, and crossed torches with arrows.

I've decided that as I catalogue the frames, I'll share information on some of the typical french embellishments.

This is one of my favorite frames!  It is a very petite frame and contains an original sepia French baby picture!  Is that a necklace around the baby's neck?  I love the one sleeve off of the arm and the sheer look of glee on the baby's face. LOVE the woven colored rattan baby's chair!

This is a framed "Wedgwood - like" plaque.  I know it is not Wedgwood as it is not marked as such.  I'm researching what it could be.  I purchased this thinking someone might take the plaque out and use it as a picture frame.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these and love them as much as I do!

Au revoir, Mitty


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