Tuesday, June 14, 2011

French Toile Coverlet Update!

Just to update you on my research on the red and white toile coverlet that I purchased at auction a few weeks ago.  It is apparently a real find!

From what I've learned, this coverlet IS an antique toile and is probably a variation of a design know as 'L'Art d'Aimer' or 'L'Ageable Lecun' which translates to "The Art of Loving" or "The Agreeable Lesson." 

The person that I contacted to help me date and value the toile said,

"It isn't exactly the same version of the design that I have - a toile de Bordeaux, neither is it exactly the same as the one in my book, a toile de Nantes, but it is so very similar to both, and the print is of such a good quality, it could be by either factory or somewhere nearby, so about 1790-1800 by the looks of it."

She also wrote,

"It was very common in times where there were not any stringent copyright laws for a popular design to be copied almost exactly by another factory, or for designers to sell their services to more than one factory at the same time. In the past few years I have had 3, possibly 4 slightly different versions of this toile, all dating to abut the same time, give or take a decade or two, and probably all by different factories!"

I'm just glad I didn't cut up the coverlet and make it into pillows!

I'm also so thankful for the generosity of the "expert" who helped me with this research. As soon as she gives me permission, I'll post a link to her website so that you can see all of her treasures for sale.

Au revoir, Mitty

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