Monday, June 13, 2011

Up Before Dawn and off to the French Brocante Markets

I love the thrill of the hunt - antique hunt that is.

MH and I were up some days before daylight in Provence to find Tresors (treasures) at the French Brocante Markets.  My best finds were purchased before 9:00 most mornings!  We tried to arrive as the vendors were setting up their booths and unpacking their trucks.....................

On this day, we snuck out before daylight for our drive from our B&B in Tavel to the Brocante Market at Villeneuve-les-Avignon (New Avignon.) 
No one else was on the road heading out of the quiet little village.
Mist was rising up from the vineyards.
The only storefront lit from within was the boulangerie.
And I was headed for a day at the French Brocante.
It was perfect.

The Villeneuve Brocante Market is known for its wonderful antique linens and grain sacks.
MH and I left with our arms full! Sigh.........

I think we were really, really early this morning!  Only one vendor was setting up .....before long though the whole lot was full.

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