Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Delicious and Charming French Restaurant in Dallas - rise n°1

Let me start out by saying "I AM NOT A FOOD CRITIC" but I know delicious food and I know a good "dining experience" when I'm fortunate enough to have one!  MH and I love to try new restaurants and love it when we find one where the food, ambiance and overall experience is memorable.

MH, MDD and I met for lunch on Saturday.  We didn't have a chosen place to eat, so we settled on a restaurant in a shopping area where MH and I were looking at antiques.  We were lucky when we chose to eat at rise n°1!

rise n°1 is a salon de soufflé and wine bar located in the Inwood Village shopping center at 5360 West Lovers Lane, Suite 220 in Dallas, Texas. As the name suggests, the restaurant is focused on the classic French dish made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites and is the first restaurant of its type in Dallas.

When MH and I entered the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by the hostess with a friendly "Bonjour!" and offered to wait for MDD in a cozy little seating area beside the hostess area.  Here a slipcovered sofa, linen covered pillows, well loved chairs and shelves filled with old books welcomed us.  The atmosphere of the entire restaurant reminded me of a French home filled with useful, purposeful and beloved furnishings. 

When MDD arrived we were immediately seated at a table made of a repurposed old school desk where both of the two old ink wells were filled with vases. Speaking of repurposed and reused, rise n°1 embraces the "Slow Food" and "Green" philosophies. As cited from the Slow Food USA website, "Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment."  (Slow Food USA) Not only was the table repurposed but the wine and water glasses are made of recycled wine bottles.

The menu at rise n°1 features savory souffles such as jambon (ham) and Gruyere cheese, smoked salmon, truffle infused mushroom, and lobster souffles as well as several other entrees.  As a starter MDD and I shared the rise n°1 salad of baby greens, roasted pecans, blue cheese, granny smith apples and pecan vinaigrette. It was delicious!  MH started with the waiter's suggested Marshmallow Soup.  This amazingly delicious soup is a tomato carrot bisque topped with mini goat cheese souffles that look like marshmallows. When the waiter brought the Marshmallow soup to the table, he poured a basil pesto over it.  The next time I eat here, I'll order the Marshmallow Soup!  For Entrees, MDD and MH enjoyed a special Crab Souffle and I ordered the Jambon and Gruyere. The souffles were perfectly delicious, fluffy and beautiful.  (To check out the menu and to learn more about the restaurant's owner and chef visit

Only because we are getting ready for a wedding in less than 3 months, we declined desert.  Can you believe it? Here we are surrounded by beautiful chocolate, Grand Marnier, blueberry and hazelnut desert souffles and we were strong enough to resist them.  As soon as the wedding is over, I'm headed back to rise n°1! I might try a couple of different desert souffles.................

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