Tuesday, July 5, 2011

French Chalk Painted Armoire - FINISHED!!!!

FINALLY, I've finished my chalk painted French Armoire!

Back on June 7th, I told you that I had painted the armoire and only had the glazing to do and then it would be finished.  Right? Well..............

Let me just say that I love chalk paints and love furniture waxes but sometimes a product that works beautifully, and gives you the effect and overall feel that you want, on one piece of furniture does not do the same on another piece.

This is what I ran into with the armoire.  I had painted the piece and it looked beautiful.  So then the next step was to wax it with a dark tinted wax and wipe off most of the wax leaving only the wax outlining the detail of the ornamentation on the piece.  I can't express why, but the wax did not give me the look that I wanted.  I waxed one side of the armoire, and when I didn't like the look after applying and removing some of the wax, I sanded and repainted it.  I then applied a furniture glaze recommended by Miss Mustard Seed at missmustardseed.blogspot.com.  In an earlier post, she had shared a glaze that she uses which is a Ralph Lauren Faux Effects Glaze tinted in Expresso Beans by Behr.  When I went to The Home Depot to get this glaze mixed, I found out that they no longer carry Ralph Lauren paints. 

They recommended that I use:

 Behr Faux Glaze No. 748
Glidden Base paint GL6013 (which they said was the Expresso Beans color match)

I mixed the 1 quart container of Glaze with the 8 oz. Expresso Beans eggshell, low luster paint in a large, lidded container.  I then applied the glaze with a water based paint brush.  I worked in small sections, applying the glaze and then immediately taking a soft clean cloth and wiping off most of the glaze, leaving only that which stayed in the nooks and crannies and enhanced the detail on the armoire.

It worked beautifully and I love the look!

FINISHED chalk painted and glazed French Armoire!

"Before" Photo!

Detail of left side of Armoire.

Detail of right side of armoire. I love the French Bow and Olive leaf oval frame.

More detailed photo of Armoire.

Detail of the fluted sides of Armoire.

Finished Armoire!

My next task is to move this armoire into my "great room" until it sells.  I'm using more painted, casual furniture in the great room and it will work well with my French Bleus and neutrals.

Take care and remember my motto,

"If it stays in one place too long, either paint it or make it into a lamp!"

Au revoir, Mitty


  1. If I didn't live so far away, I would buy thst in a heartbeat! Just beautiful! x Sharon

  2. This is a beautiful piece and you did a fantastic job! I am now a new follower!

  3. Stunning job! I am your newest follower!
    I received my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint today and I have already painted my armoire in the Paris Grey...waiting for it to dry...ho hum!