Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reproduction French Coffee Table

Have you ever known exactly what you're looking for but just can't find it?  Well that's been my story for the last 8 months.  We moved into "My Faux French Chateau" in November, 2010.  I've been looking off and on for a coffee table for our great room ever since.

I had my heart set on an "antique" table. So I set out looking at internet stores and in Dallas and Fort Worth French antique stores.  I found some small tables that were lovely but none the scale that I needed.  I wanted a table large enough for a group to gather around and play games and on which to serve appetizers and drinks.

So, my next idea was to find a kitchen or dining table that I could cut down.  Well what happens when you cut down French cabriole legs?.....................you end up with a table with "bowed" legs that look like the front end of a bull dog! Also, I have a hard time taking an expensive table and cutting the legs off.

Since I'm not a purest, my next idea was to look at reproductions. I found one that is the perfect height and scale in a Dallas French antique store.  They were having a great sale on their reproduction furniture. SO I bought it! Is it perfect? Of course not! When I bought it I had to explain to MH that I was going to bring it home and.............yes you know it!..............I'm going to paint it! I love the top and the shelf as is which is in a dark stain.  The paint on it though is not right for my house - it is a bit too white.  So I'm going to work on it today and see what I come up with.  I'll probably use my chalk paints, maybe even painting the base French Bleu and Old White and then glazing it.  We'll see!

Wish me luck.  Au revoir, Mitty

Reproduction French coffee table ready for painting.

I won't paint the stained part of the table as I like the way it looks and works in the room with my other furnishings.  The painted part has to be changed though. I'm thinkin' BLEU or GREY.

Au revoir, Mitty

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  1. Came across this today. Love this table as is! What ever happened to it?