Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking for that Perfect Grey/Taupe Paint Color!

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Being the caffeine crazed, stress seeking person that I am, I've taken on a new project.

I'm looking for the perfect grey/taupe to paint my front hallway and great room.  MH and I have moved about 13 times in our 30+ years together and in my last 3 homes I've used Benjamin Moore's Brandon Beige in most of my rooms and loved it.  It had become "my color." I could always count on it - from house to house it was the perfect backdrop for my rooms.

For some reason, Brandon Beige, my favorite interior paint color, does not work in this house!  It's causing me to question all things that I've held true!  (Please note the total sarcasm and jest.)

It could be that I've never had anything but flat, old, plaster walls in my homes and this house is new and has a little bit of texture on the walls.  I'm thinking that just that little bit of texture, and the associated reflection of light, is causing the color to look different.  Whatever the cause, it's not working for me in this house! project - find my new, favorite interior paint color.

I've researched other home decorating blogs that I love and come up with a few suggestions.

I've gone to the local Benjamin Moore paint dealer and picked up 3 pints of paint to test colors in the two rooms.

Based on the paint chips, I've decided to test paint these colors:

Benjamin Moore - Smokey Taupe 983
Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter
Benjamin Moore - Stone Hearth 984

Now I'll paint a few areas of each room with all three colors.  I'll wait a day or so to see the paint colors at all times of the day and night to see how the color changes based on the light in the rooms. 

I'd love to fall in love with one of these paints!  Wish me luck.

Au revoir, Mitty

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