Friday, July 22, 2011

French Chandeliers and Rewiring

I had a great day today getting a couple of items together for the store!

Some time ago I purchased two vintage French chandeliers. They're both beautiful with wonderful old crystals and great patinas to the metal finishes.  There is only one problem - they aren't wired right (hmmmmm.......where have I heard that comment before?!) Anyway, I digress.

Smallest of the two French Chandeliers - needs to be rewired and cleaned.

Getting the 2nd French Chandelier out of the crate at The Old Home Supply House in Fort Worth, TX

So in trying to learn my way around Fort Worth a month or so ago, I found a wonderful store called "The Old Home Supply House." They're located at 1801 College Avenue and encompass all four corners of the two intersecting streets. ( Here you can find everything for renovating an old home, building a new home with old fixtures, old and new garden decor such as fountains, bird baths, tables and benches.  They have old doors and windows, door knobs and hinges, light fixtures and chandeliers, replacement crystals, claw-foot tubs, even old toilets if you are so inclined.

Old Home Supply in Fort Worth, TX.  I love that part of their building used to be the Piggly Wiggly!

This store inspired me.  I could see beauty and potential in so many things.

They have a huge selection of beautiful old tin ceiling squares.

 They have shelves full of architectural details. Several of these would be beautiful on an acrylic or wood base and made into a table lamp! (The Old Home Supply can help you with this also!)

Amazing selection of old columns, doors, shutters and windows.

So, back to my chandeliers, these fixtures have the original old European electrical wiring. My focus today was to get them to The Old Home Supply House for rewiring.  I was so pleased to meet Larry Evans who has been rewiring old chandeliers for the store for 15 or so years. He knew immediately exactly what needs to be done to both of the chandeliers and was incredibly helpful.  I think I've found a great resource for my business! 

Large French Crystal Chandelier with rare, large smokey grey crystals.  Notice the "tools of the trade" Larry uses in his work room!

I can't wait to get the chandelier cleaned and the crystals sparkling again. I love the great detail of the griffins on each arm. (They are Griffins aren't they?)

Take care of yourself and have a fun filled weekend.

Au revoir, Mitty

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