Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Birdcages in Decorating

There's something whimsical about birdcages used in interior decorating. Maybe it's because they are an unexpected element in a room, especially when the birdcage contains anything other than birds and isn't in an aviary.

I've always loved putting something in a room that makes a "first time visitor" to my home think "Hmmmmmmmmm" - but in a good way!  I have an old French birdcage that I purchased several years ago in an antique store in Charleston, South Carolina on King Street. I've put a fake (excuse me, "faux") bird in it and an old birds nest and eggs. I've been know to put seasonal plants and flowers in it and it's lovely that way also.

When I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma I had a friend who had a design sense that was masterful. I once told her  that her home was a "visual feast." She knew the art of layering in design. In her home I could look at a table vignette once, twice, even three times and each time notice something new or used in a new and intriguing way. She was an artist in putting together the unexpected. I'd love to see what she could do with my birdcages!

I recently purchased another vintage birdcage at auction and have been trying to research its age. This painted metal birdcage is large and rests on an even larger stand. The detail is lovely. In the middle of it hangs a large round perch which makes me think this is actually a Parrot cage.

I haven't decorated it yet since it was purchased for the store and I hope it doesn't hang around too long!  I can see it filled with French clay pots, various ferns and ivy plants in someone's garden, sunroom or just about anywhere they need a touch of whimsey.

I set the birdcage outside tonight to clean it. The bottom tray is rusted and someone may want to replace it.  I've decided to leave it as it and let its new owners decide. The stand also has some rust - nothing that a coat of paint or sealer won't cure. A lot of decorators though will love it "as is!"

Maybe I ought to leave it outside for now.  It looks like it belongs with the bird feeder and bird bath!

In case you need a birdcage for your faux feathered friends, take a look a a few I found for sale on the internet!

Bittersweet Antiques - Oversized French Birdcage - Late 19th Century

Alhambra Antiques - Red French Colonial Style Bamboo Birdcage

Alhambra Antiques - French Bleu Antique Birdcage
This is the one I want!

Take care,

Au revoir, Mitty 


  1. Where did you get the green aviary/birdcage? I am in love with it! I live in Arlington and am delighted to find your blog. I found it via Pinterest...the aviary led me to you! :)

  2. Michelle, I am so happy that you found my blog! I love Pinterest and was so surprised to see a lot of pictures from My Faux French Chateau! I purchased the birdcage at an auction outside of Dallas. The auction contained hundreds of French antiques collected over 30 years by the owner. Take care, Mitty